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North Carolina Forestry Association
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North Carolina Forestry Association
1600 Glenwood Ave, Suite I
Raleigh, NC 27608
Fax: 1-919-832-6188




Category 1 - Pulp and Paper Companies

$0.009 per ton of North Carolina wood consumed, including purchased and/or delivered wood and/or wood chips for primary processing.

Category 2 - Bio Energy

$0.009 per ton all fiber procured for energy purposes whether it is used on-site or for production of an energy product.

Category 3 - Chip Mills

$.0022 per ton for independent chip mills supplying manufacturing plants such as paper mills, high density and/or medium density mills, and/or bio-energy mills.

Category 4 - Saw Mills

$0.066 per 1,000 board feet with no minimum.

Category 5 - Secondary Manufacturing

$330 for sales under $5 million and $660 for sales over $5 million in sales. This category includes dry-kiln operations, furniture mills, log homes, lumber sales operations, pallet mills, and treating facilities.

Category 6 - Engineered Wood

$0.009 per ton for fiberboard mills, hardboard siding, oriented strand board mills, particleboard mills.
$300 plus $0.02 per million square foot for plywood mills based on (3/8”) production.

Category 7 - Wood Suppliers/Dealers/ Brokers/Wood Yards

$220 plus $0.0022 per ton over 150,000 tons shipped, including chips, pulpwood, and other fiber.

Category 8 - Logging Companies

$220 plus $.0022 per ton for all tons produced, including chips, pulpwood, and logs.

A rate of $.0022/150 board foot per ton could also be used.

Category 9 - Transportation Companies

$220 plus $.0022 per ton transported with a maximum of $600.

Category 10 - Landowners

$50 plus $0.025 per acre of forestland owned over 500 acres.

Category 11 - Individuals

$50 per year. While we encourage the individual membership, we do not condone employees of companies joining as an individual, then subsequently representing that non-member company at NCFA sponsored events.

Category 12 - Hunt Clubs

$75 per year.

Category 13 - Consulting Forestry Entities

$110 plus $50 for each additional forester in group.

Category 14 - By Products

$220 for sales volume less than $250,000.
$330 for sales volume between $250,000 and $500,000.
$440 for sales volume greater than $500,000.
This diverse group includes arborists, bedding, firewood, mulch, pine straw, shavings.

Category 15 - Forestry Equipment Manufacturers and Dealers

$330 for sales less than $5 million annually
$660 for sales greater than $5 million annually

Category 16 - ProLogger

$110 per year.

Category 17 - Service industries & other non-profits

$125 per year. This category includes financial and investment institutions, government agencies and software companies and any other miscellaneous company working with the forest products industry in North Carolina.

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